Emission Diagnosis and Repair (Approved Air Check Texas Repair Facility)

Emission diagnosis and repair are an important issue to take care of in regular vehicle maintenance. Without regular scheduled checks, you could be at risk for engine damage, costly damage if left untreated when problems arise, or left with poor vehicle performance. The emission control system not only prevents the release of crank fumes and gasoline vapors but it also prevents premature oil contamination if properly maintained.

Payne’s Automotive is proud to be an approved Air Check Texas repair facility. What this means is that we are a part of a program that was created to assist car owners remain or become compliant by offering monetary incentives to repair or replace vehicles that are outdated or noncompliant with current vehicle emissions standards. This program helps to provide your local area with an air quality solution regarding vehicle emissions.

If you have a problem with your emission system, you are going to have a check engine light on the instrument panel. Ignoring a check engine light can result in more costly damage occurring than to get the initial problem fixed. Also, until the underlying problem for the check engine light is resolved you will not be able to get the Texas State Vehicle Inspection performed which will then prevent from being able to register your vehicle.

If you need to have your emissions checked or repaired, be sure to stop by today to talk to one of our dependable and thorough technicians to make sure you are up to date and driving safe!