Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

At Payne’s Automotive, our technicians know that your electrical system is an integral part to a great deal of functions in most vehicles these days. They are trained to recognize common electrical issues and even the more complicated ones that require additional experience. The computers in your car now generally run your air conditioning, starter, alternator, and even your car’s battery.

The current running through your vehicle, prior the engine starting, is all provided by your car’s battery. This explains why your car won’t run if the battery isn’t functioning properly. Common battery related issues are faulty wires or connections, loose cables, and corrosion.

The starter, powered by the battery, is the component that gets the engine started. The starter needs to draw the right amount of current in order to get the process going. If the current drawn is too little or too much, you can have an issue on your hands. Most of these issues can be pretty serious if not dealt with by a dedicated professional in a timely manner. There are a few ways to determine if your starter is your culprit when having vehicle issues. Some of these are:

  • Vehicle is slow to start or is labored when attempting to start
  • No sound at all when attempting to crank the engine
  • A grinding, whining, whirring or loud noise can be heard when starting your vehicle

The next important component to your electrical system is your alternator. Your alternator is responsible for keeping your battery running by generating the power to keep the battery charged. The alternator also powers all of the electical components of the vehicle while the engine is running. Thus, if your alternator goes out you are going to get stranded – the engine cannot run on battery power alone. Signs of your alternator having a problem can be dim lights, the engine stalling, or a dead battery.

Our technicians are trained to deal with all levels of electrical issues your vehicle may have whether big or small. We have dedicated and reliable technicians who want to get you back on the road safely. We perform thorough diagnostics for a full service check to take care of all of your car’s service needs.