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CV Joints, Axles, Universal Joints and Differential Service

The drivetrain of your vehicle is the collection of parts that work as a team to deliver power to the wheels so you can travel from point A to point B. When it comes to premium parts that enable this to happen, properly maintained CV (Constant Velocity) joints are an important component. Vehicles equipped with independent suspensions will have CV joints on the drive axles. CV joints can be found on the front axles of front-wheel drive vehicles. In the rear-wheel drive, these CV joints are found on the rear axles, and in all-wheel drive vehicles, there will be CV joints front and rear. With two sets of CV joints per drive axle, these important components of your drivetrain keep your wheels moving forward, and in contact with the ground, even on uneven terrain. While CV joints can operate flawlessly for many thousand miles, once the seal of the CV boot is compromised, issues will begin to appear.

Universal joints, like CV joints, allow the rotation of the driveshaft to reach the differential, at varying angles. Similar to CV joints, universal joints can operate perfectly for many years without much thought. Once a universal joint does fall out of ideal parameters, symptoms will begin almost immediately.

The differential in your vehicle takes the rotating force of the drive shaft and directs it perpendicularly to the drive wheels. At this point in the driveline, the differential is geared to deliver the ideal ratio of revolutions to your wheels. A sealed system, the differential can function as intended for long periods of time, with only regularly scheduled lubricant and gasket changes.

Signs that you need to have your driveline checked by a professional:

  • Visibly broken CV boot
  • Visibly broken universal joint
  • Leak around differential
  • Grinding noise, only when moving
  • Clunking noise when first starting to move
  • Any constant noise that gets louder when turning the vehicle

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